10 Easy and Scoring Chapters For Physics NEET 2024

1. Units and Measurement:  This chapter covers fundamental concepts like units, dimensions, and significant figures.

2. Motion in a Straight Line: This chapter covers concepts like displacement, velocity, acceleration, and equations of motion.

3. Properties of Solids and Liquids:  This chapter deals with basic concepts like density, pressure, and Archimedes' principle.

4. Calorimetry & Heat Transfer: This chapter covers concepts like specific heat capacity, latent heat, and different modes of heat transfer.

5. Waves: This chapter covers the properties of waves, including types of waves, wave propagation, and superposition.

6. Ray Optics: This chapter deals with reflection, refraction, and the formation of images by mirrors and lenses.

7. Electrostatics: This chapter covers electric charge, electric field, potential difference, and capacitors.

8. Current Electricity: This chapter deals with electric current, circuits, Ohm's law, and kirchhoff's laws.

9. Magnetic Effects of Current: This chapter covers magnetic field due to a current-carrying conductor, electromagnets, and electromagnetic induction.

10. Modern Physics: This chapter covers topics like photoelectric effect, Bohr's atomic model, and nuclear physics.

Remember, focusing solely on these chapters might not be enough. However, understanding them thoroughly will strengthen your foundation and boost your confidence for NEET 2024.