10 Do or die Chapters for JEE Advanced 2024

Physics 1. Mechanics: This vast chapter covers Laws of Motion, Work, Energy, Momentum, Impulse, and Circular Motion.

2. Electrostatics: Electric fields, potential, capacitance, and Gauss's Law are all key areas here.

3. Magnetism: Magnetic fields, forces on current-carrying conductors, and electromagnetic induction are crucial for JEE Advanced.

4. Optics: Understanding Ray Optics, Wave Optics, and Modern Optics will be well-worth your time.

5. Modern Physics: This chapter covers topics like Photoelectric Effect, Atomic Structure, and Nuclear Physics.

Chemistry 6. Chemical Bonding: Understanding how atoms bond is essential for various other chemistry concepts.

7. Periodic Table: Know the trends and properties of elements for success in various reactions.

8. Thermodynamics & Thermochemistry: This chapter lays the foundation for understanding chemical reactions.

9. Organic Chemistry: Master functional groups, reactions mechanisms, and key organic compounds.

Mathematics 10. Calculus: Differential Calculus and Integral Calculus are the backbone of solving many JEE problems.