10 Courses in Canada that are Toughest to Crack

1. Computer Science (University of Toronto): This program is highly competitive due to the booming tech industry and a limited number of spots.

2. Commerce (McMaster University): This prestigious program at McMaster is known for its rigorous curriculum and focus on quantitative skills.

3. Engineering (University of Waterloo): Engineering programs in Canada are generally competitive, and Waterloo stands out for its reptuation and co-op opportunities.

4. Life Sciences (McGill University): Life sciences is a popular field in Canada, and McGill is a top university.

5. Nursing (University of Alberta): Nursing programs in Canada are often competitive due to high demand.

6. Music (University of British Columbia): While music programs may seem less competitive, UBC's program is highly selective.

7. Dentistry (University of Toronto): Dentistry programs in Canada are highly competitive due to limited spots and high demand.

8. Law (University of Montreal): Law schools in Canada are very competitive, and Montreal's program is no exception.

9. Medicine (University of Calgary): Medical schools in Canada are notoriously difficult to get into.

10. Pharmacy (University of Toronto): Pharmacy programs in Canada are competitive due to limited spots.