10 Countries with the Highest Literacy Rates in 2023

1. Andorra Andorra, a small country nestled between France and Spain, boasts a 100% literacy rate.

2. Finland Finland, renowned for its world-class education system, also has a 100% literacy rate. Early childhood education is widely available.

3. Liechtenstein Liechtenstein, another small European nation, follows suit with a 100% literacy rate.

4. Luxembourg Luxembourg, a global financial center, prioritizes education and boasts a 100% literacy rate.

5. Norway Norway, a leader in human development, also holds a 100% literacy rate. Their education system focuses on critical thinking, collaboration, and creativity.

6. North Korea North Korea claims a 100% literacy rate, though independent verification is limited. The government emphasizes education in its national ideology and provides free public schooling.

7. San Marino San Marino, a microstate surrounded by Italy, has achieved a 100% literacy rate. Their education system combines traditional methods with innovative technology.

8. Slovenia Slovenia, a former Yugoslav republic, boasts a 99.7% literacy rate. Their education system emphasizes high-quality instruction and equal access to education for all.

9. Cuba Cuba, despite facing economic challenges, maintains a 99.7% literacy rate. Education is a cornerstone of their social development strategy, and literacy campaigns have been highly successful.

10. Belarus Belarus, a former Soviet republic, has achieved a 99.6% literacy rate. The government prioritizes education and invests heavily in public schools and universities.

These countries demonstrate a strong commitment to education, resulting in impressive literacy rates.