10 Countries with the Highest Average Monthly Salaries in 2024

1. Switzerland ($8,111): Switzerland continues to top the charts for the highest average monthly salaries globally.

2. Luxembourg ($6,633): Luxembourg, a small European nation, boasts a thriving financial sector and a highly skilled workforce.

3. United States ($6,455): The United States remains a land of opportunity, with high salaries offered in various sectors like tech, finance, and healthcare.

4. Iceland ($6,441): Iceland's strong social safety net, coupled with a small population and a focus on renewable energy, contributes to its high average income.

5. Norway ($5,665): Norway's abundant natural resources, particularly oil, and a commitment to social welfare programs influence its high average salaries.

6. Denmark ($5,642): Denmark, another Scandinavian nation, offers a high standard of living, a strong social safety net, and a skilled workforce.

7. Canada ($5,081): Canada, with its vast natural resources and a growing tech industry, offers attractive salaries to skilled professionals.

8. Greenland ($4,665): Greenland, an autonomous territory of Denmark, benefits from its rich natural resources and a small population.

9. Ireland ($4,622): Ireland's booming tech industry and its skilled workforce contribute to its high average monthly salaries.

10. Netherlands ($4,581): The Netherlands, a center for international trade and commerce, offers high salaries in various sectors, influencing its place among the top 10.