10 Best Backup Plans If You Don't Clear UPSC Civil Services Exam

1. State Public Service Commission (PSC) Exams:  Similar to UPSC CSE, but at the state level.

2. Central Government Jobs:  Explore various central government exams for positions like bank officers, income tax inspectors, or auditors.

3. M.A. and Higher Studies:  Pursue a Master's degree in your field of interest.

4. Fellowship Programs: Gain valuable experience and skills through prestigious fellowship programs like Gandhi Fellowship or LAMP

5. Management Courses (MBA):  An MBA equips you with business acumen and opens doors to exciting careers in the corporate world.

6. Teaching:  If you have a passion for education, consider teaching at schools, colleges, or coaching institutes.

7. Law Entrance Exams (CLAT, LLB):  Pursue a law degree and explore careers in litigation, corporate law, or legal services.

8. Journalism and Mass Communication:  Channel your communication skills into a fulfilling career in journalism, content writing, or public relations.

9. Entrepreneurship:  If you have a business idea, turn it into reality!  The UPSC experience can hone your skills and prepare you for leadership.

10. Skill Development & Specialization:  Develop in-demand skills like data analysis, digital marketing, or graphic design.

A UPSC CSE attempt is valuable experience.  Use the knowledge and skills gained to explore these exciting backup plans and pave the way for a successful career.