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OKVIP is a leader in providing high-class online entertainment services. So what will the top players of the year or business CEOs and famous football commentators say when mentioning this brand? Let's go to the next content to know what they say about the quality of services provided here.

Evaluation from the CEO of Vietnam's leading entertainment business

CEOs of leading entertainment businesses in Vietnam have evaluated the quality of OKVIP as follows:

  • Phan Lee – CEO Vinagame: "ok vip is the best live entertainment website I have ever experienced. I really like the online games, services and incentives from the group's partners. We makes me feel satisfied and brings the most comfortable entertainment moments. I will definitely recommend this brand to my relatives and friends."

  • Mr. Tran Thanh – Rapper: "I have experienced and can confirm that OK write is a reputable and quality entertainment website. I have experienced exciting games here. Not only does it bring joy, but I can also earn extra income from my own entertainment."

OKIP review by famous soccer commentator

Besides CEOs, ok writing reviews also received positive reviews from many famous football commentators.

  • Commentator Bui Quang Hai: "OKVIP is truly a trustworthy online entertainment website and is absolutely safe to participate in. I have made deposit and withdrawal transactions here and they always go smoothly, without any problems. encounter any problems or obstacles. I am also extremely assured about the security and safety of my personal information every time I experience the website."

  • BLV Khac Cuong: "I have participated in many different live entertainment platforms but I am really impressed by OKVIP. In addition, I am also impressed with the quality and working attitude of the support team and consulting at this unit"


What do football commentators say about OKVIP?

Review of OKVIP's service from Mr. Zozo – famous member of the forum

Zozo – A professional member who once participated in the experience with OKVIP commented as follows: "I was really impressed with the quality of service and products provided at OKVIP group. Surely this will be the destination I visit most often in the near future."

Sponsorship and volunteer activities at OKVIP

Not only known for its leading trends in the field of online games, OKVIP review is also a highly socially responsible corporation. The unit always organizes volunteer activities. To help and support difficult situations as well as improve social security.

From 2013 until now, the company has successfully carried out volunteer activities throughout Vietnam's provinces and cities on a relatively large scale. At the same time, the unit commits to always dedicate at least 5% of the company's total profits to these humane social activities. Some beautiful actions here include:

  • Giving gifts to children in difficult circumstances in remote areas in the Central South region.

  • Giving gifts to difficult households.

  • Participate in contributing to charity funds such as the fund to support victims of Agent Orange in Vietnam, the fund to support children during the parenting cycle of singer Den Vau, the fund to support victims of storms and floods in the Central region, etc..

Some humanitarian activities carried out by OKVIP

OKVIP and recruitment activities create job opportunities

When mentioning the leading online entertainment companies, the name OKVIP is certainly indispensable. Therefore, in order to innovate as well as expand and develop its brand, the group is currently in need of recruiting a large number of personnel. Some of the latest recruitment information here that employees need to know is as follows:

Management department

Make monthly plans, improve the professional work quality of members under your management. Establish relationships between departments.

Content staff department

Plan to write SEO content as well as analyze effective keyword sets. Research and build websites, optimize onpage.

Human resources department

Recruit new employees for the company's vacant positions.

OKVIP PR staff

Pr for brands on platforms such as Facebook Telegram, Instagram, Twitter. Enhance your reputation while eliminating bad negative reviews about the company.

SEO department

Ability to analyze keywords to plan effective development for the website. Proficient in using basic SEO support tools such as: software rank tracker, webmaster tool, Google analytics,…

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SALE department

Requires experience in selling online entertainment products and services. Find and approach potential customers as well as perform player care. Good persuasion skills to ensure effective teamwork and promote sales for the unit.

Advertising department

Build an advertising account plan on Facebook, Zalo, Google that corresponds to the selected marketing campaign. At the same time, you also know how to implement the campaign according to the budget approved by the OKVIP review group.

OA department

Monitor attendance and check employees' computers when off shift. The person in charge of carrying out procedures for new employees accepting positions as well as employees resigning.

Communications department

Plan to develop on multiple social platforms related to the corporation to bring the brand closer to users. Coordinate with departments to integrate implementation plans and develop effective communication campaigns. At the same time, the department is also responsible for storing data about media video images under product services in OKVIP.

Communications department – One of the OKVIP recruitment positions

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