Phu Dia chicken scales – Learn about popular types of scales for cockers

In cockfighting culture, cock scales are not only a sign of beauty but also a symbol of strength, luck and feng shui value. Each type of rich chicken scales has its own meaning and is highly appreciated by cockers both strategically and spiritually. This article will take you to the diverse world of types of chicken scales, from common scales to rare scales such as three-talent and four-quarter scales, helping cockers have an overview and insight. more about selecting and raising fighting chickens. Let's explore the things below with keo nha cai!

What are rich chicken scales like?

Rich local chicken scales are not only a prominent feature but also one of the signs of a premium fighting cock, often associated with excellent fighting ability and unparalleled bravery in the cockfighting world. Searched for and highly appreciated by many cockfighters, this type of scale not only symbolizes luck and prosperity but also marks the names of high-class, highly valuable fighting cocks in the cockfighting world.

What are rich chicken scales like?

Outstanding characteristics of Phu Dia chicken scales

Phu Dia chicken scales have a special shape, similar to An Thien scales but have a unique characteristic when expanding across the foot, starting from the bottom of the spur. This makes it easy to distinguish from other types of scales, as shown by two to three scales connected in a characteristic area.

These chicken scales are not only rare but are also considered a symbol of extraordinary strength and fighting ability, making them sought after by top cockfighters. The rarity and uniqueness of rich chicken scales enhance their value in the eyes of the cockfighting world, while also attracting attention and interest from the fighting cock enthusiast community.

How to accurately identify rich chicken scales

Recognizing rich chicken scales requires sophistication and experience from the player. Attention should be paid to the specific location and shape of the scales, as well as the number of scales appearing in the area under the spur and across the instep. A deep understanding of the types of scales and the ability to observe carefully will help accurately identify and evaluate the true value of fighting cocks.

Rich Dia chicken scales are not only a characteristic to identify the god of cocks, but also the key to opening the door to victory in the cockfighting world. This understanding and recognition skills will help players optimize their chances of owning excellent fighting cocks, while improving their understanding and love for the traditional art of cockfighting.

Learn about the popular types of chicken scales in the world of fighting chickens

In cock fighting culture, recognizing and evaluating the value of rich scales on chicken feet is an important factor. These scales are not only a symbol of beauty but also contain feng shui value and the chicken's fighting ability. Below are some outstanding and sought-after types of rich chicken scales in the fighting cock loving community.

Learn about the popular types of chicken scales in the world of fighting chickens

Ordinary rich chicken scales

This type of scale is often found on the legs of fighting cocks, with the special feature being that only one or both legs have only one scale. The presence of one or two scales on each leg, while the other side may have no scales at all, makes the chickens that possess them unique and have a certain value in the eyes of the hobbyist.

Three-talented scales government land

The three wealth scales are considered a symbol of luck and strength, with 3 scales arranged next to each other on the legs. When viewed from above, these three scales form an independent row, representing strength and authority. Fighting cocks possessing tricolor scales are often highly appreciated for their fighting ability and endurance in the arena.

Scales of the three riches

Scales of four rich lands

Four-precious chicken scales are a sign of rarity and preciousness, with four scales arranged consecutively on the chicken's feet. This is considered one of the most difficult to find and special types of scales, bringing beauty and strength to fighting cocks. Chickens with four-quarter scales are often kept and raised carefully, because they bring pride and high value to their owners.

Fighting cocks possess 5 rich scales

Chickens with 5 scales are considered to have extraordinary fighting abilities, showing flexibility, strength and dexterity in every confrontation. According to the experience of veteran players, chickens with 5 scales covering the ground are not only agile but also have the ability to use spurs effectively, increasing the likelihood of winning matches.

Fighting cocks possess 5 rich scales

These rich local chicken scales are not only a feature to identify and evaluate the value of fighting cocks, but are also part of the culture and passion for this game. An understanding and respect for the rich scales helps players create a close bond with their fighting cocks, as well as with the wider fighting cock playing community.

Are chickens with rich chicken scales good?

In the cockfighting wo rld, fighting cocks with rich local scales are considered elite warriors with strong fighting abilities. According to experienced cockfighters, these chickens often possess outstanding fighting talent. Whether they are fighting chickens or fighting chickens, they have the ability to finish off their opponents with just one fatal blow, bringing quick victory.

Even when forced into a weak position in a confrontation, the rich chicken can still create a surprising turning point. An accurate kick to an opponent's weak point such as the head or eye can turn the situation around, proving their strength and solid bravery.

Are chickens with rich chicken scales good?

Experience in raising chickens with rich local chicken scales

The secret to turning chickens with rich chicken scales into heavy fighting chickens not only lies in the special nature of this type of scale but also requires a careful process of nurturing, maintaining and training, based on science. learn.

  • Right from the first steps in raising, vaccination and vaccination play an extremely important role, helping to build a strong immune system for chickens, thereby enhancing overall health and growth ability. their development.

  • For living space, the airiness and cleanliness of the chicken coop are prerequisites, along with adjusting the temperature appropriately according to the season. An ideal living environment helps minimize the risk of disease and maximizes support for chicken growth.

  • Maintaining hygiene for feeding and drinking troughs and controlling food and water quality are steps that cannot be neglected to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria. In addition, periodic spraying of disinfectants helps eliminate bacteria and parasites, ensuring a clean and safe living environment for chickens.

  • The training program plays an important role in developing the fighting skills and endurance of fighting cocks. Training methods such as using flying cages, running, or wearing burdens on chicken legs not only help increase strength and flexibility but also make chickens ready for battle.

Through sharing experiences and knowledge about Phu Dia chicken scales from reputable sources, fighting chicken lovers can accumulate more useful information, helping them choose and raise invaluable warriors. enemy.

Experience in raising chickens with rich local chicken scales


Understanding and knowing how to evaluate different types of local chicken scales is an important skill for every cocker. Through this article, we hope that you have gained more knowledge to recognize and classify common scales, thereby applying it to the care and selection of fighting cocks, improving the ability to win and the value of fighting cocks. The god that fighting cocks bring.

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