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Online content marketing is currently a top concern in the market. In fact, businesses currently apply special remuneration policies for this job position. Because content marketing has a significant contribution to the brand building process and improving sales efficiency. Follow the article below of OKVIP to understand more about the content and nature of the job.

Online content marketing jobs

What is content marketing work?

Content marketing is a job that focuses on creating, managing and distributing content with the purpose of promoting business activities. The content platforms built and managed are extremely diverse. These include: Podcast, Ebook, Video, Blog,… related to the specific field of operation of the unit.

In today's businesses, the work that a content marketer must undertake is quite diverse. Depending on the type of operating platform as well as the unit's goals and objects. However, in general, basic tasks include:

  • Come up with ideas and build marketing plans based on the business's goals, audiences, product distribution channels and main markets.

  • Develop detailed content for the marketing plan, including title, format, key content, style, tone,…

  • Create specific marketing content through stages including: writing, designing, filming, recording, editing,…

  • Choose the appropriate time, method and channel to post and distribute created content to ensure the best effectiveness.

  • Monitor deployed campaigns and evaluate effectiveness through appropriate specialized tools. Including: YouTube Analytics, Facebook Insights, Google Analytics,…

  • Optimize and improve content quality by updating information and adding new content to retain customers and increase brand recognition.

Job content of online content marketing position

Why is online content marketing of interest?

In recent years, online content marketing has become increasingly popular. The job position attracts the attention of many candidates everywhere.

In fact, content is considered an important foundation of all marketing activities. Therefore, most businesses and companies operating in the media field need a strong and quality content marketing team.

Doing online content marketing opens up good opportunities for people to develop professional skills and gain more experience for themselves. Not only that, content employees who complete their tasks well also have the opportunity to advance to higher positions. For example, becoming a content marketing specialist, team leader, department head, or even marketing director.

In particular, online content marketing is also highly appreciated for its flexibility. You can absolutely work in any location or space without being confined to the office. Not only that, the salary that units offer for this position is also considered extremely attractive. Therefore, this is a good opportunity for you to work, learn and improve yourself.

Online content marketing offers good growth opportunities

Where to do online content marketing and get a big salary?

It can be seen that doing online content marketing gives candidates many opportunities. However, not everyone can easily find a suitable unit to apply for this position. So where to do content marketing to get an attractive salary?

If you are interested in a content marketing position and want to work online, don't forget to come to OKVIP. Currently, the group is recruiting content staff with simple requirements and extremely generous compensation policies. Specifically

Conditions for applying for online content marketing at OKVIP

At the present time, OKVIP's SEO department is recruiting online content marketing personnel. Applicants only need to meet some basic requirements below:

  • Candidates have an intermediate level or higher, graduated from faculties and majors related to Marketing, communications, culture, journalism,…

  • Have professional experience, worked in a content marketing position. OKVIP requires candidates to have experience in both SEO content and social media content. podcasts, video content,…

  • Meet the prescribed working hours: from 10:00 am – 9:00 pm (lunch break from 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm; afternoon break from 5:00 pm – 6:30 pm).

Online content marketing salary at OKVIP

OKVIP recruits online content marketing jobs with super attractive income. Specifically, during the probationary period, online content staff will receive a basic salary of 12,500,000 VND. Besides, every month you also receive a commission from 1% to 10% based on your team's performance.

At the end of the probationary period, online content marketing staff receive a basic salary of 15 million VND/month. The team's commission is calculated at a rate from 2% to 10%. This is considered a huge income for online content marketing staff in the current labor market.

Apply for online content marketing jobs at OKVIP


As one of the important positions in each unit, online content marketing jobs give candidates good opportunities to develop. Not only that, employees also enjoy extremely attractive remuneration policies. Hopefully the information provided by tuyển dụng OKVIP above can clearly understand the requirements, work and benefits of online content marketing staff.


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