Northern Lottery Every Monday: New88 Results Statistics

Northern lottery every Monday New88 announces the most accurate results for players. Besides applying many highly effective screening methods. Choosing a bookmaker to experience the lottery is a great "stop" for those with great passion.

Introducing northern lottery information every Monday

Northern Lottery (XSKT) is issued by the state and under the management of the Ministry of Finance. Up to now, it has existed for more than 60 years and has become a popular form of entertainment of chance.

The lottery drawing schedule will open at 6:15 p.m. every day. The product contributes to more entertainment and fun for players to experience. Besides, there is also drama, excitement and surprise while waiting for the results to be announced.

Programme Northern lottery every Monday Usually open on weekdays. Except for holidays, Lunar New Year or epidemics, …. Although the prizes are announced at different stations, in general, the results are all filmed in Hanoi.

Information about the northern lottery every Monday

Statistics of northern lottery results every Monday, Minh Ngoc

Minh Ngoc is highly regarded as a site that specializes in providing results Northern lottery every Monday professional. Here we take a look at the numbers drawn in the most recent results:

  • Special number prize: 99369

  • First prize: 13829

  • Second prize: 59861 and 2748

  • Third prize: 6503, 77704, 89049, 50013, 34525, 33222.

  • Fourth prize: 3926, 0546, 2651, 3393.

  • Fifth Prize: 0937, 3884, 1948, 1679, 9105, 2079.

  • Sixth Prize: 334, 673, 600.

  • Seventh Prize: 54, 33, 98, 29.

What is the Northern lottery prize structure?

Helps new players better understand the reward structure of the Northern KT lottery. We will provide the following bonus table:

  • Special prize: number of 3 prizes – total value is 3,000,000,000 billion VND.

  • Special sub-prize: 12 prizes – total value 240,000,000 VND

  • First prize: 15 prizes – total value 150,000,000 VND

  • Second prize: number of 30 prizes – total value 150,000,000 VND

  • Third prize: 90 prizes – total value 90,000,000 VND

  • Besides, there are many prizes from 4th prize to consolation prize. The total value of all 8 prizes is converted into 7,500,000,000 billion VND.

What is the reward exchange mechanism of the Northern KT lottery?

Where should I follow the 2nd Northern lottery?

Nowadays, technology 4.0 is increasingly developing rapidly, helping people's lives to be optimized. Unlike in the past, having to line up to go to the dealership to check numbers.

Now you can refer to: modern electronic devices. Or paid SMS information, look for websites that specialize in providing results.

Finally, you can also choose the homepages of reputable bookmakers. They always update the Northern lottery results on Monday most quickly and accurately.

Why should you participate in the lottery at New88?

New88 is no longer unfamiliar when it comes to reputable online lottery locations. Special Northern lottery every Monday Very popular thanks to the following characteristics:

Legal business

The house ensures that there are all legal documents and entertainment activities are protected in the safest way. Above all, the international organization Isle Of Man has provided a business license and is responsible for operating it.

All activities taking place here are closely monitored by the government. Bringing you the safest and healthiest playground.

Super fast transaction

The house links many popular banks today for players to make payment transactions. Above all, the system processes in super-fast and neat time. All transaction information is kept strictly confidential, committed not to leak to a third party.

Besides, the game portal also supports you with many forms of transactions such as: e-wallet, scratch cards, internet banking, etc. This helps players freely make choices that suit their needs.

High compensation structure

It's no exaggeration, but the playground is one of the few places with a high redemption rate. If the legend says that betting "1 wins 99", this is completely true at New88.

Best of all, there are enough bet levels for you to choose from. Products are always carefully screened and rigorously tested. Make sure there are no problems during the bettor's experience.

Good reason to participate in the northern lottery at New88

Through this article we have fully shared about Northern lottery every Monday for you. Don't hurry up and join the playground and choose your own numbers so that the god of fortune will knock on your door!

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