Life Essay | Short and Long Essay on Life for Students in English

Life Essay: Perhaps the most mainstream article points among understudies is “My Life” where each understudy attempts to portray his/her life in subtleties – which issues exist, what needs, and viewpoints he/she has, and so forth It can likewise be called a personal paper yet no in the unadulterated structure where you give the peruser self-portraying subtleties – when/where you were conceived, at what school you were examining, and so on It’s somewhat extraordinary.

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To compose a decent enlightening article about existence, you ought to have the option to depict some vital components of your life:

  • Outlook,
  • Climate,
  • Connections,
  • Regular exercises,
  • Diversions
  • Encounters and numerous different things make up your life.

Begin composing an essay on your life in the wake of perusing this article – it contains valuable data on what to expound on in the given exposition. It very well may be required for an affirmation paper or some other task at school, school, or college.

Short Essay on Life in English

Life is excellent yet not in every case simple, it has issues, as well, and the test lies in confronting them with mental fortitude, letting the excellence of life behave like an emollient, which makes the torment endurable, during attempting times, by giving expectation

Joy, distress, triumph, rout, day-night are the different sides of the coin. Also, life is loaded with snapshots of bliss, joy, achievement and solace accentuated by hopelessness, rout, disappointments and issues. There is no person on Earth, solid, amazing, savvy or rich, who has not experienced, battle, enduring or disappointed.

Troubles test the mental fortitude, persistence, determination and genuine character of an individual. Affliction and difficulties make an individual solid and prepared to confront the difficulties of existence with poise. Everything comes with a cost in life. It is just when one works and works it out that achievement is supported and maintained.

In this way, life is and ought not to be only a walk in the park; thistles are additionally a piece of it and ought to be acknowledged by us similarly as we acknowledge the delightful side of life.

Essay on Life

Long Essay on Life in English


One significant part of Life is that it continues to go ahead. This amounts to nothing lasting. Subsequently, there ought to be motivated to remain in sadness. A glad event will happen, very much like a pitiful one. Most importantly, one should be hopeful regardless of how terrible things get. This is on the grounds that nothing will remain until the end of time. Each circumstance, event, and occasion will pass. This is surely a stunner of Life.

What does life bring to you?

Life is so natural, yet numerous individuals surge and miss what they need to accomplish throughout everyday life. Try not to surge throughout everyday life. Approach slowly and carefully. Each progression ought to be appropriately arranged prior to being dispatched. Consistent, equilibrium, imprint and shoot.

Every one of the incredible men of today, has for sure tasted the opposite side of life yet they didn’t fall down. All things being equal, they were reestablished to reclassify their objectives; they ride on with confidence, having faith in their latent capacity, zeroing in their brain on something, knowing completely well that in each dark cloud there is consistently a silver coating.

Numerous individuals become exceptionally tragic on account of disappointments. In any case, these individuals unquestionably neglect to see the splendid side. The brilliant side is that there is a justification for each disappointment. Consequently, every disappointment shows us an important exercise. This implies each disappointment fabricates insight. This experience is the thing that improves the abilities and proficiency of people.

Most likely countless people whine that Life is a torment. Numerous individuals accept that the word torment is equivalent forever. Nonetheless, it is a torment that makes us more grounded. Torment is unquestionably a phenomenal method of expanding mental versatility. Most importantly, torment advances the psyche.

The vulnerability of death is the thing that makes life so valuable. Nobody knows the hour of one’s passing. This presumably is the main motivation to make every second count. You are wasting your life if you remain in sorrow or just being a compulsive worker. One should surely appreciate the delightful favors of Life before death surpasses.

How to make a great life?

Generally significant, hopefulness is a definitive method of improving life. Hopefulness expands work execution, self-assurance, imagination, and abilities. An idealistic individual surely can defeat enormous obstacles.

Contemplation is another helpful method of improving Life quality. Contemplation presumably permits an individual to stay upon his past. This way one can stay away from previous oversights. It additionally gives significant serenity to a person. Moreover, contemplation lessens pressure and strain.

Seeking after a leisure activity is an ideal method to rejuvenate meaning. Without enthusiasm or interest, a person’s life would presumably be dull. Following a side interest unquestionably rejuvenates new energy. It gives a new desire to live and encounter Life.


Taking everything into account, Life isn’t something that one should underestimate. It’s unquestionably a disgrace to see people die their lives. We ought to be extremely appreciative for encountering our lives. Most importantly, everybody should attempt to make their life more significant.

FAQ’s on Life Essay

Question 1.
What is the major part of life?

The major part of life is experience. Since our birth, we are going through different phases of life and each phase has taught us something or other. Each experience counts in our life. It not only brushes us for a bright future but shapes our future too. The ups and downs of life are the key factors that groom us.

Question 2.
How to write a life essay?

To write an essay on your life you can include the following points:

  • Introduction (Explain what life is)
  • Your aim in life
  • Why is life important?
  • What are your experiences in life?
  • How do experiences matter in your life?
  • How to opt for the right goal?
  • Conclusion

Question 3.
What makes a happy life?

To be truly happy, a man should lead an honest and legitimate life. He should help his fellowmen and love them. A man cherished and regarded by others is consistently glad. To be guided by adoration in every one of the activities is the way to bliss.

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