IN Chicken scales for chicken god – Collection of scales sought after by chicken masters

Divine chicken scales, a concept that is no longer strange to the cockfighting world, refers to special characteristics that appear on the legs of fighting cocks. These are rare elements, not easily found in the fighting cock population, but promise to bring outstanding strength and luck to the cocks who possess them. The presence of cockroach scales on a fighting cock's legs is a sign of a strong warrior, ready to confront and win in every match. Let's explore the things below with keo nha cai!

Characteristics of chicken scales

In fact, detecting fighting cocks possessing cockroach scales is not a simple task. Chicken scales are often found on the lower part of the chicken's legs, in areas such as the leg joints or under the feet, where the unusual scales can be clearly seen. This makes each cock unique and different, making them a sought-after target for many knowledgeable cockmasters.

Characteristics of chicken scales

In the cockfighting world, there are some types of cockfighting chicken scales that are most known and sought after because of the value and feng shui meaning they bring. Each type of scale is not only characterized by its shape and location on the chicken's feet, but also by its unique characteristics that make it easy to identify and classify. The diversity in types of chicken scales contributes to creating a rich classification system, each type of scale has a different meaning and value in evaluating and selecting fighting cocks.

Collection of chicken scales that are favored by many chicken masters

In the world of fighting cocks, identifying and selecting fighting cocks through scale patterns is an art that requires understanding and experience. Below is a summary of some types of fighting cock scales that are popular and sought after by experienced players, helping them choose the best fighters:

Divine cock chicken scales – Lotus flower scales

This type of divine chicken scales is especially rare and is considered a sign of a strong fighting cock. Chickens have internal scales, meaning a row of internal scales starting from the legs and extending up to the spurs, showing hidden strength. When a fighting cock has legs with internal scales, it is known as a spirit cock with amazing fighting ability, can easily break down defenses and defeat opponents quickly.

The divine chicken scales of the Hoa Lantern chicken not only possess an impressive appearance but also have extraordinary fighting abilities. With the ability to quickly and strongly counterattack, these cocks often leave their opponents stunned, even defeated in the first rounds. Flexibility and skillful attacking techniques are the factors that help them easily win.

Collection of chicken scales that are favored by many chicken masters

Chicken scales, body of chicken, bordered by vy dao

Fighting cocks have scales that resemble the tip of a knife and include at least three scales concentrated in one point pointing straight at the spur, often known for their extremely powerful and unique fighting style. During competitions, these cocks often launch unexpected attacks, giving their opponents no chance to resist, leading to quick defeat.

Chicken scales are heavenly chicken scales

Thien scales, large scales located at the highest position on the chicken's legs and close to the knee area, mark the warriors of the chicken god class. Fighting cocks possessing these scales often have the ability to dodge delicately and fight persistently, along with precise and powerful kicks. In matches, they know how to wait for the right moment to strike so dangerously that their opponents are often easily defeated.

Chicken scales with Linh Giap Tu – Divine Chicken Scales

This type of chicken divine chicken scales starts from the last toe of the cock and extends up to the armor, nestled in the sarcophagus area. Fighting chickens possessing hyacinth scales are highly appreciated by experts and considered a legitimate fighting chicken line with outstanding fighting ability.

Their kicks are not only unique but also extremely dangerous, able to cause serious injuries to opponents, sometimes leading to defeat or even death in the ring. To confront a fighting cock with hyacinth scales, the opponent needs to be technically and tactically superior right from the first moments of the fight.

Chicken scales with Linh Giap Tu – Divine Chicken Scales

Chicken scales and rolled rolls

The rolling scales, located on the outside of the chicken's legs, reflect an important factor in assessing the cock's ability to win. Depending on the position of this scale relative to the spur, the player can decide whether the cock can enter the arena or not. Scales lying horizontally with the spurs signal that a cock will win in the long run, while scales above the spurs are not recommended for competition because the probability of winning is low.

Dai Giap chicken scales – Rare chicken god chicken scales

Chickens possess large-sized scales made up of three types of small scales fused together in rows, considered the best type of scales. In particular, if this scale is located in the middle of the spur, the cock is considered to have extraordinary fighting abilities, with unique and powerful attacks that can defeat the opponent on the spot. The appearance of a similar small scale, called the jade jade, enhances the value and rarity of the fighting cock, symbolizing the ultimate strength and authority in the fighting cock world.

Understanding and choosing fighting cocks that possess this type of divine chicken scales will help players increase their chances of winning, while also making a name for themselves in the fighting cock world.

Factors that make chicken scales so valuable

The fighting chicken breed with special scales is always a hot topic and sought after by enthusiasts. Many people new to this field often wonder why these dresses are so valuable.

Factors that make chicken scales so valuable

Brings luck and victory

Fighting cocks have special chicken scales that are considered a symbol of luck and strength. These fighting cocks are not only rare but are also considered fierce warriors, capable of taking down opponents in mere seconds using unique and intelligent fighting techniques.

Therefore, many players always want to own them, not only for breeding but also to participate in betting matches, bringing in big profits.

Unique and effective fighting techniques

According to ancient records from the book of cockfighting, possessing rare types of divine chicken scales always has unique and creative fighting moves. These techniques should not always be used arbitrarily, but only at important times, ensuring the highest efficiency. This causes opponents to be surprised and often defeated immediately, even when their cock is rated higher.

Value in breeding

Not only do they maintain their value in matches, fighting cocks possessing cockroach scales are also considered valuable assets in breeding. Maintaining and developing rare scaly fighting chicken lines helps preserve the species and diversify fighting chicken genes, thereby creating new generations of fighting chickens with outstanding fighting skills and characteristics. For this reason, the price of fighting cocks with angel cock scales is often much higher than that of regular fighting cocks.


To sum up, the high value of chickens with divine chicken scales comes not only from their unique and rare appearance but also from their excellent fighting ability, unique techniques and important role in breeding. The enthusiastic reception from the cockfighting world not only shows passion but also proves the great value that these fighting cocks bring. Hopefully through this article, readers can better understand the value and meaning of owning fighting cocks in their collection.

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