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10 Lines on My Favourite Cartoon for Students and Children in English

10 Lines on My Favourite Cartoon: Cartoons play a pivotal part in moulding a person’s lifestyle during childhood. Cartoon characters let kids comprehend how one should deal with life situations. The characters can define what is right and what is not an excellent way for kids to behave.

Cartoon shows teach valuable lessons through comedy and fun and educate kids on the alphabets,  structure of sentences, numbers, and many more things.  Certain Cartoon characters like Doraemon, Oswald,  Ninja Hattori, etc. teach children the importance of good habits and honesty.

Cartoon characters can be often connected to personal lives. Many younger people across the globe love the illustration and artwork put into the cartoons. Cartoons are often considered stress relievers as they are meant to entertain us and play a significant role in teaching valuable life lessons. Below, there are three sets of 10 Lines On My Favourite Cartoon, which will be handy and practical for students looking to write essays or assignments on Myself or generic topics.

Enhance your vocabulary and writing skills with 10 Lines Essays available. Spark up the creativity in you and access various Topics on 10 Lines all in one place.

Set 1 – 10 Lines on My Favourite Cartoon for kids

The following ten lines are considerate for students belonging to the classes one, two, three, four, and five.

  1. I watch a lot of cartoon shows, and I like them all. However, my most favourite cartoon show is Shinchan.
  2. The main character of the show is Shinchan Nohara, a naughty five-year-old kid from Japan.
  3. Shinchan Nohara is a very playful and troublesome kid who goes to Futaba kindergarten school.
  4. Shinchan always creates trouble for his neighbours, family, teachers, and friends by singing silly and funny songs.
  5. Shinchan Nohara is an amusing personality with a more comical and humorous voice.
  6. He has a nice and big family consisting of his father Hiroshi Nohara, his mother Misae Nohara, his younger sister Himawari Nohara, his grandparents, and Shiro’s dog.
  7. Shinchan Nohara’s closest and best friends are Masao, Bochan, Kazama, and Nani. However, Shinchan is the most mischievous of them all.
  8. Shinchan is fond of eating chocolates and loves watching his favourite cartoon Action Kamen.
  9. I love the cartoon show Shinchan is how much he teaches us to love what we do with full optimism.
  10. Shinchan also teaches us to enjoy life to the fullest, even though we have problems, we need to focus on enjoying every moment of life to the fullest.

Set 2 – 10 Lines on My Favourite Cartoon for School Children

The following ten lines are considered for students belonging to classes six, seven, and eight.

  1. A big thank you to the creators of the sensational Cartoon Show “Tom and Jerry.” as this cartoon holds a special place in my heart.
  2. The primary character of the show is Tom and Jerry.
  3. Tom, the cat, is the house owner’s pet and in that house, and Jerry, the mouse, is the cat’s best friend and enemy.
  4. Jerry is the most favourite character as many people, including me, find him cute. He is also portrayed as a naughty and who always gets trapped in mischievous works.
  5. The show’s storyline has always been about the fights that occur between Tom and Jerry, where Jerry always steals something, and Tom tries to catch him.
  6. Jerry is portrayed as a very naughty and provoking character who always irritates Tom and watching them fight was the show’s entertaining part.
  7. Apart from this, the Tom and Jerry show have unlined and symbolised the true meaning of friendship.
  8. The show also teaches that one should always keep dreaming and have a little spark enough to keep going forward without giving up.
  9. The show also teaches us that life is like the characters where they can tease, knockdown, and irritate each other but cannot live without each other.
  10. Tom and Jerry are so far the best and the most favourite cartoon show of every age group, and it still holds a huge fan base, and most people, including me, always consider this as the funniest show.

Set 3 – 10 Lines on My Favourite Cartoon for Higher Class Students

The following ten lines are considerate for students belonging to the classes nine, ten, eleven, twelfth, and students applying for Competitive Exams.

  1. Doraemon Is by far the best and the most favourite cartoon that has taught me valuable life lessons.
  2. The comic’s storyline is about Doraemon, a cat from the 22nd century who arrives to help another character named Nobita, who later turns out to be best friends.
  3. Doraemon, the cat, holds multiple gadgets, and Nobita takes advantage of them through continuous help regarding school work.
  4. My favourite part about the cartoon show is how it portrays loving someone who can take time and struggle through Nobita’s feelings towards Shizuka. This instance teaches us that loving people need a struggle and takes time to see our sincerity and accept our love.
  5. The essential life lesson that I learned and adopted watching Doraemam is how he deeply cared about the people’s problems, especially Nobita.
  6. Every time Nobita experiences difficulties and complains about his problems, Doraemon always stands by his side, advises him, and helps solve his problems with patience.
  7. When you watch a few of the old episodes, you will find that Doraemon can do anything and that’s the best lesson as it teaches you despite your encounter with failures, always fight back with all your might.
  8. The cartoon show also brings a contradiction between the two characters Nobita and Doraemon- Nobita is an insouciant person who always keeps thinking about new adventures. At the same time, Doraemon is a proactive person who teaches us about hard work and determination in life.
  9.  Finally, we also learn from this cartoon how to build a good friendship through Nobita and his friends. Even though Nobita’s friends always trouble him, they also help him at times, thus proving their friendship.\
  10. Indeed, there is no magical bag like Doraemon in real life, but the cartoon shows that humans can do miraculous things with their unlimited minds. Humans can develop innovations with the proper utilisation of their minds.

Frequently Asked Questions on My Favourite Cartoon

Question 1.
What did the show Tom and Jerry teach us?

The show Tom and Jerry teach us that one should always keep dreaming and have a little spark enough to keep one going forward without giving up. It also states that life can often be felt like the characters where they tease, knockdown, and irritate each other but cannot live without each other.

Question 2.
Which is your favourite cartoon character, and why?

Shinchan Nohara is my favourite cartoon character as he is portrayed as a naughty and mischievous boy with a fun personality with a more amusing and humorous voice. The character always makes me laugh and makes me feel happy.

Question 3.
How do the sets of ten lines help students during assignments and essays?

These lines help students bring out the creativity, improve their sentence building skills, and focus on the various aspects of the topic such as neutral, positive, and negative ones. Through the sets, children can get exposure to language and build their linguistic skills better.

Question 4.
How have your favourite cartoons helped you in life?

My favourite cartoons have helped me be courageous and learn various good habits like honesty, friendship, and hard work. Comics are often considered stress relievers; they are meant to entertain us and play a significant role in teaching us valuable life lessons.


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